"By signing this you give permission to Empire Dent and Body to be able to operate on the above listed vehicle for repair. Any damages that are not on insurance estimate that are not fixed by Empire Dent and Body are considered courtesy repairs and company which are done in the allotted amount of time given will be done to the best of our ability. Any dissatisfaction Empire Dent and Body will not be held liable. Storage fees will commence 1 day after notification of vehicle repairs are complete. If for any reason the work arrangement should be canceled by either party, the following fees may apply; Storage fee($35 per day) administration fees ($75 per day), as well as restocking fees, tear down and transfer fees may also be applied from the date it was dropped off at the shop to the day it gets picked up/delivered. If your vehicle has an original estimate over $5,000.00 the repairs may take longer that 30 days. Please make sure you have an alternate source of transportation. Insurance companies usually only cover the first 30 days of rental. This document will also serve as a "Power of Attorney" only used for endorsements of payments or documents of said vehicle. The total amount of repairs is the customers responsibility and is due in full at time of pickup. Promise time is an estimated time only."